Examining the changing dynamics of advertising and marketing.

Technology and data management are changing the way advertising and marketing campaigns are being designed and tracked.

Our research covers what you need to know to make sense the changing dynamics of local marketing and advertising.

The integration of adtech with martech, the ability to drive national ads locally and the evolution of programmatic advertising are all driving a significant change in pricing and how marketing dollars are being spent.

Additionally, there’s a dramatic shift underway for media companies, advertisers, agencies.

Incredible technology advancements are driving new levels of data-driven audience planning and buying. Precise audience targeting is becoming the preferred metric for all advertising investments. Both traditional and digital stakeholders require more definitive business rules and guidance to shape compelling products and services.

To stay on top in an evolving marketplace, BIA/Kelsey helps businesses operating in the local advertising and marketing marketplace efficiently and effectively:

  • Define the marketplace in which they are doing business.
  • Understand the trends, competition, value propositions affecting the marketplace.
  • Develop strategies for current and future success.

We assist clients in the implementation of the best approach to maximize the benefits of today’s transforming capabilities.