Keith O’Brien covers Social Media.

Expertise: Content Strategy, Digital Transformation, Social Media

With 15+ years of digital marketing and content experience, Keith O’Brien has helped a wide range of businesses and clients transform their businesses through intelligent digital strategy.

He has deep experience in social media strategy, content development, project management, digital transformation, social media, and change management.

Keith O’Brien most recently served as VP of digital strategy at Haymarket Media, where he also led two publications, PRWeek and DMNews, as editor-in-chief.

At Haymarket, he led a number of initiatives, such as creating digital content playbooks, revamping the business media group’s workflow, centralizing a spread-out digital and print production team, and enhancing its editorial staff’s digital and social competency through training and mentorship.

Additionally, he customized the company’s native advertising offering, developed and operated custom, ad-supported projects, and worked with Haymarket’s web development team to improve our online properties.

He also has ample client service experience, leading division of social media agency Attention (pioneering many tactics used by media companies today) and leading social media strategy for media-buying shop Horizon Media (leading a practice based on transparent billing and data-driven results).

He served as senior client lead for a wide variety of leading brands, including The Guardian, Conde Nast, Rolling Stone, EA, Paramount, Beats By Dre, and many others.

He bases his recommendations on understanding data and audience segmentation.