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Political Driving $6.58 B in Local Advertising

What media stands to gain in a robust election year?

Linear television will be the biggest media by far in 2020. BIA estimates OTA TV will gain an estimated $3.07 billion in spending, with another billion spent in Cable TV.

Collectively, digital platforms (Online, TV Online, Mobile, Newspapers Online, TV OTT, Radio Online, Email, Magazines Online, and Internet YP) will account for $1.4 billion of the political ad spend.

Mobile ($195.1 million) will beat Newspaper ($91.6 million) political ad spend.

Get more details on the 2020 political ad spend in BIA’s new ad report here. BIA’s 2020 political forecast for all 210 markets can be purchased here.


Sizing Growth Opportunities for NextGen TV in Local Markets: Clear Upside Potential According to BIA Study

BIA’s forecast for NextGen TV reveals that local TV Groups stand to increase their revenue growth by 50 percent within the next ten years from NextGen TV rollouts. The forecast examines growth across TV OTA, TV Online, OTT, Retrans and Non-Broadcasting.

BIA’s Managing Director, Rick Ducey, and BIA’s Chief Economist and SVP, Mark Fratrik, presented BIA’s revenue forecast for NextGen TV at SMPTE’s DC Chapter Meeting on January 16, 2020. The conference examined the opportunity of ATSC 3.0 television and emerging 5G broadcast technologies for media companies.

Click for more findings from the forecast.


Financial Vertical to Spend $18.8B in Local Advertising in 2020

The Financial vertical will increase their local ad spend in 2020 to $18.8B according to our new estimates. BIA’s estimates indicate traditional media will outweigh digital spending by getting 56.4 percent of the ad spend.
Auto & Direct Property Insurance has the majority of ad spend ($4 billion) with Investment and Retirement Advice ($3.8 billion) and Commercial Banking ($3.6 billion) rounding out the top-spending sub-verticals.

Examine how the industry will spend on local advertising in 2020 in the new report, Insights into Local Advertising – Financial Vertical.

Report details here.


BIA Unveils Local Over-the-Top (OTT) Advertising Forecast

BIA has expanded its local media advertising forecast to include local over-the-top (OTT) advertising. More on the new forecast here.

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Transaction Activity (as of Nov. 30, 2019)

Transaction Update for Television and Radio (Year-to-Date): 

$ 6425 M
TV Transaction Value
$ 1100 M
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